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Droid apps. Please answer!?

30 Mar Posted by in Twitter | 2 comments

Question by hellokitty.: Droid apps. Please answer!?
I want a new phone so I was thinking
’bout the DROID.[x BUT I gotta question
about the Droid apps. For example, if I
posted something on Twitter, would my dad
be able to read it? You know, if you’re a teen
& your parent reads your txts? Not directly
from the phone but somewhere else? So would
that parent be able to read that post?

Best answer:

Answer by Brendan
he would have to log into your twitter, or see it on the site directly.

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  • Mana says:

    What service do you have? I know i have sprint, and there is no way my mom can read my texts. Unless she literally goes on my phone and looks at them. On sprint the phone bill only shows the number of texts, not the content. If you are just worried that your dad can see what you post on twitter, don’t worry. The only way he could see what you posted on twitter is if he saw your twitter. Like, if he “followed you” on his account or something.

  • Preston says:

    Nope. The only thing they can see is numbers you called if they pay an extra $2 a month. It’s called detailed billing but that only shows numbers called and receive.
    Anything else on your phone (Texting, Apps, Twitter, Data, Ect. ) Can only be accessed on the phone it’s self. Just imagine how much space it would take up if Verizon saved every tweet, every text message, every thing you did on your phone, it would be almost impossible 🙂

    Hope I helped!

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