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Q&A: For people who are addicted to twitter,what’s the point?

05 Apr Posted by in Twitter | 8 comments

Question by AnnaRenae(:: For people who are addicted to twitter,what’s the point?
I mean,really.From my understanding it’s a lame version of myspace and even facebook,which I also think is lame and boring as hell.I mean,myspace you have a profile you decorate with whatever you want to expreess yourself and there’s apps,photo’s,photo comments,videos,comments,messages,music,status,friends,quizes,bulletins & etc. Even facebook has a profile thing,communication,photos/comments,quizes,status & such. From from what I can see,all stupid twitter has is a status/’tweets’,followers,a picture,& a backround.& I don’t know about you,but ‘followers’ sounds kind of stalkerish to me.But it seems like the only thing you do on twitter it tell the world what you;re doing.That’s where the word ‘stalker’ comes into play.& actually,what should be the thing said on you’re tweet is “What I’m doing right now is telling the world what I’m doing which is only thinking,typing & converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.”I got a twitter a year ago & I’ve only logged in about six times,MAYBE.It’s the most pointless thing in the world,aside from toenails.People,PLEASE tell me what you love about telling people what you’re doing.PLEASE,what do you love about twitter?

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Answer by Beautiful Soul***
iam addicted to facebook : I

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  • Sierra says:

    famous people are on it and you can stalk them every second of the day!!!!!

  • Butterz S says:

    twitter is dumb 🙂

  • johndeere_country_boy_1988 says:

    whats twitter and what does it do because i have never heard of it before

  • ??. ????? says:

    personally, i don’t know why people get addicted to it.. all they do is just keep updating what they’re doing.. so they’re just telling people their Business all day..

  • color~me~ purple:) says:

    i dont got one

  • Veritas says:

    It’s a lame stupid fad

  • ? Bubastes, Cat Goddess? says:

    I have it, can’t find out how I got it or how to get rid of it.
    I think my grand kids added me to it.

  • ;D says:

    i have a twitter but i am not additcted! lol, i agree it is stupid and lame. and its just like myspace and facebook. but i think that some ppl have it because there stalkers and want to follow 100celebs! lol im only following my friends and im there to talk to them im not following any celebs i think its just retarded! and some ppl cant have myspace an facebook so i guess they use that so they can talk to there friends! but im nott!
    it is rlly gay i dont even rlly know y i got one! but they should of just not of made it! because EVERYONES talking about it!! and its anyonning like on comerical theyll say something abt twitter!

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