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Q&A: In a world where modern technology dominates, how does one escape it to enjoy the simpler things in life?

30 Mar Posted by in Twitter | 8 comments

Question by The Rat: In a world where modern technology dominates, how does one escape it to enjoy the simpler things in life?
I’m sick of hearing on the local news about new iphone apps, seeing everyone nowadays with a cell phone, hearing about twitter and facebook…its driving me nuts. Is there any resonable way to escape the brainwashing of technology?

Best answer:

Answer by ? Katy?
I know what you mean!
Turn off the computer and television for a while,
go outside and spend time with family and friends!

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  • JMP says:

    Yes,I find a way.
    Camping in nature,without any symbol of modern technology,3 days a week.

  • Vince M says:

    I go to the nearest campsite and listen to my iPod, cook meals on my propane stove, read my book under my flourescent lantern, listen to my battery operated bug zapper and watch a movie or two on my DVD player.

    Ahhhhh, Nature!

  • Zeev says:

    Many my friend… many.

    I dropped out of “normal” society almost 6 years ago…. i live most of the time in Asia…. life is cheaper and simpler there… and all the advertisement do not enter my brain cause i do not recognize the letters… great,
    Do NOT watch TV.. this brain washing machine is the worse thing you can expose yourself to..
    Do NOT read papers… all negative vibe

    Love life….:-)

  • robinson.alistair says:

    1. Get yourself in physically tip-top condition so that you can live for as long as possible – as a hunter-gatherer you will find that your health will deteriorate very quickly and you will obviously not have access to modern medicine. Hunter-gatherers generally have short lives.

    2. Learn how to hunt, skin, butcher and preserve animals. With access only to wild plants from within a relatively small area – and a physically demanding lifestyle – you will need the nutrition of meat.

    3. Be prepared to live without books. The printing press is modern technology so you should reject it. Anyway, you will be spending all of your time hunting and gathering so you won’t have time to read.

    4. Promise yourself that after you have woven yourself a pair of shoes from birch-bark, you will burn your comfortable modern shoes that have been manufactured with modern technology

    Is this the kind of simple life you had in mind?

  • Minski says:

    Not for them. But that’s not your problem, that’s theirs.

    I’m not stupid enough to have a facebook account or a twitter account. It absolutely BAFFLES ME that people don’t see what SHEEP they are! Bahhhhh. Bahhhh.

    Have you ever read these complaints from people, on this forum, who are all hysterical because someone deleted them from their facebook account?

    What ASSHOLES!!!

  • Jack P says:

    Move to Uganda and trade everything you own for a jockstrap, spear and sandals.

  • Beau says:

    When you make the peace of your Soul dependent upon the presence or absence of some outer world thing, or person, then you will always find yourself in an endless cycle of happiness / sadness. Place your trust in That Which Is, always within you, you will then find yourself happy, safe, and satisfied in life.
    Peace and Namaste!

  • Wolfgang says:

    Become a drifter or a very wise monk with a pet parrot on the shoulder, or a pet monkey in a suit. That’s what I plan on doing.

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