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Twitter & Facebook App do not work on Blackberry?

04 Apr Posted by in Twitter | 3 comments

Question by Mell M: Twitter & Facebook App do not work on Blackberry?
I just got a blackberry bold 9700. I downloaded the ‘twitter for blackberry’ app and then I go onto it and the log in screen comes up and I go to sign in and it says ‘twitter services are currently unavailable’
I downloaded the facebook app and it does the same. The log in screen comes on and I go to log in and it says ‘We cannon reach the facebook server at this time. Please try again later (100)’
It says this each time. I am definitely connected to wifi and ubertwitter worked?
How can I get these apps to work?

Best answer:

Answer by Chinthaka W
*Try downloading opera ( for your blackberry and browse Twitter and Facebook there.

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  • nonya. says:

    Some apps don’t seem to work under wifi.. that’s why I stopped using my wifi for the most part. Not 100% sure as to whether the Facebook app & official Twitter for Blackberry app happen to be a part of those apps, but try restarting your phone (holding down alt, aA and del at the same time reboot it completely without having to take the battery out) and then trying to log in again.. if that doesn’t work, I’d then turn your wifi off, reboot the phone again and try to log in again. If it works, you know it’s because of the wifi. If you still can’t get it to work either way, I’d call your carrier & have them try to troubleshoot over the phone to see what’s causing your problem. Good luck!

  • Kelly says:

    You may need to try and upgrade the version you downloaded, it might not be the most recent application.

    For what its worth, I have a blackberry curve and I don’t have problems with Twitter, but I do with facebook, the facebook app seems to be very flaky. I often get the same messages you’re getting.

    Contact the tech support for your provider too, they may have a firmware upgrade or a upgrade they can send to your phone that can help with it.

  • joannaa says:

    I been having problems w the facebook app. It won’t let me log in and says I have the wrong password but when I sign in thru mobile web it works.

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