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What’s the best twitter marketing tool available today?

28 Sep Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by jacques Abbey: What’s the best twitter marketing tool available today?
There are lots of twitter automation/marketing softwares available today , and i am really confused to what to buy seeing they all have pretty similar features. Can anyone recommend me the best of them all and why?

Best answer:

Answer by ashley
Well the best twitter tool/software out today is TweetAttacks. And why is it so? because it is not dependent on twitter API , which means , you can follow thousands of people in a single day . and get thouands of followers in return in very same day without getting your account banned. Yes and that’s the most impressive function of this tool is.

All other softwares are based on Twitter API , and thus have limitations of following only couple of hundreds in a day , and still pose a threat to get your accounts banned.

But TweetAttacks has the most advanced technology , and do not pose any threat to your account.

You could pretty easily get 1000s of followers in a day , which could have taken days or even a month with other softwares.
Now how cools is that for your twitter business , or twiter marketing.
I love this tool.
see the source link to know more about it.

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