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Why does my computer keep getting viruses?

14 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 5 comments

Question by Craig Tucker: Why does my computer keep getting viruses?
This is getting ridiculous, the blue screen keeps coming up and i always have to keep reinstalling windows because it gets so bad.

Here are the websites I go on and the things I download: -i go to school online-

thats all i can think of right now but yeah, i go on a lot of websites….does anybody know if one of those websites cause viruses? because i know a lot of people who go on them and their computers function just fine. I also have virus protection software: PC tools, and anti-malware

As for the things i download;
Yahoo messenger
Aim messenger -none of the tool bars for these-
Windows movie maker
Microsoft office word, 2007 -not downloaded from the internet, i have the disk-
HP printer
and this software for my eyes because i have to do eye excersises, -astigmatism- forget what the program is called though.

thats all i downloaded.
I used to download some pictures from the internet like google images and stuff but i stopped doing that. i might have downloaded one or two pictures recently but i cant remember.

I have a PC,not a mac. Its a DELL,and its a desktop, not a laptop.

I use firefox, not internet explorer.

What is going on? Each time something different happens, this time it says ‘Begining dump of physical memory’
‘physical memory dump complete’

And it wont even let me go into safe mode? :[ please help!

I think I listed everything from to what websites i go on to what things i download. so everythings here, does anybody know whats wrong with my computer?

Best answer:

Answer by James Ulizza
Just because you keep getting a blue screen BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) doesnt mean you have a virus. When it blue screens on you what is the error code? 0x000**** depending on what the BSOD code is it could be multiple things both hardware and software related. Several of those sites you visit can get you infected. I have people come in for virus removals all the time at work that just use Myspace and Facebook. Make sure you have a good antivirus product as well. Most of the free stuff is garbage. Get Kaspersky or Webroot. If you provide the BSOD code I may be able to assist you more. Good Luck.

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  • Dunbar Pappy ?? says:

    My own choices (Official Mozilla) to bolster Firefox is here:
    ?(At minimum, get the #1 item for malware prevention: NoScript.
    Another ringing endorsement:

    ?Special note: Firefox has been hacked by Microsoftie.
    Microsoft has installed (without your informed consent) into Firefox, rubbish that degrades the security of Firefox to little more than IE.
    Check your FF ‘Add-on’s’> “Extensions” & “Plug-in’s” box and uninstall/disable NET framework, Windows Presentation Foundation, Shockwave, Silverlight, Java stuff, or other active scripting rubbish.
    These hacks re-enable the JavaScript exploit avenue.
    See: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-060 – Critical;

  • My Mellon says:

    There are many things that can create the Blue Screen of Death. Some of these include:

    1. A missing .dll file – this is a file that helps run each program and is a part of all the programs on your computer. Sometimes one of these files can be missing or corrupted.
    2. Ram– your RAM hardware can have a problem which requires new RAM or more RAM.
    3. Problems with memory — there may be a problem with the allocation of your memory on your computer.
    4. COM error — there may be a reason that your computer is miscommunication to itself.

    Another way to answer this question of what causes Blue Screen of Death is to use a registry cleaner on your computer from time to time. Many have free downloads and this may prevent your computer from beginning dump of physical memory. A registry cleaner will surely save you a lot of hassles.

    You can also prevent causes Blue Screen of Death by doing regular maintenance on your computer. Doing the regular things like keeping your virus prescriptions up to date and doing regular virus scans, getting rid of temporary files, and doing simple scans will help.

    Two things to do regularly are Scan Disk and Disk Cleanup. These two programs are part of the Windows System and can be found by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories and System Tools. You can choose each of these from there and follow the prompts.

    My suggestion would be to download CCleaner Registry Cleaner (free) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free, but the full version scans in real time, stopping viruses at the door), AVG (free, also scans real time with the full version). All of these are available from

  • gwb56 says:

    Hi. Many times there are different websites that offer the same product, but are unsafe to visit. An unknowing visitor to these sites often receive malware along with the product they are interested in. A good rule of thumb is to go to the products OFFICIAL website.

    a program in which will give you the information on whether a website is safe or not safe to visit is WOT. WOT works inside your browser (IE & Firefox), without any undesired effects in its’ performance, such as slow downs or conflicting with the browsers or their add-ons.

    Go into your Control Panel, click on Add/Remove Programs (Win XP) or Programs and Features (Vista/Win7_Classic View) and uninstall anything pertaining to the material you listed as being installed on your system.

    Download, install, UPDATE Malwarebytes AntiMalware (MBAM) and perform a Quick Scan of your system.


  • Matteo Chirco says:

    I have found a video that might help you to get rid of the blue screen:

    Hope this helps

  • chaosdruidruler says:

    You can embed viruses in pictures (I found that out the hard way).

    Also, Google has been hacked many times so why would you think that its safe as well?

    The first poster was right though, it appears to be a system error and nothing viral. Your best bet is to take it to someone who knows what they are doing.

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