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Benifits of iPhone Social Networking Applications?

22 Dec Posted by in Twitter | 3 comments

Question by sufalamtech: Benifits of iPhone Social Networking Applications?
Due to Its open source nature iPhone is the best iPhone social networking device. The ability to easily and comfortably access email and internet as well as variety of popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and internet tools using native iPhone applications places it at the top of the mountain.

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Answer by kantrell
Facebook Twitter myspace

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  • guitar_1006 says:

    is Iphone apps really open source? I thought they are reserved only for apple developers?
    Benefits: money, connecting people.

  • ihz7str3ngth says:

    You benefit from it by free communication with your relatives and friends, because calling or sending texts to your friends costs you, but these apps are for free, you only need wifi.

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  • burtonater says:

    Most phones are catching up with the iphone – it is just another fancy apple device.

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