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Blackberry apps question?

04 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by CarBon: Blackberry apps question?
I just bought the blackberry torch from ATT and so far most of the experience is great. Although I can’t run the apps. Specifically the facebook and twitter apps (which were preloaded in the phone) it kept saying that I can’t connect to either of the apps. Does using apps in the phone require WiFi? or am I just missing a step?

Please help me. I really wanna maximize the phone.
Thank you! 🙂
I have the data plan.

Best answer:

Answer by zbalat
Using apps requires data not wi-fi

Turn data services on

Options icon – Mobile Network

Data Services: On

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One comment

  • just_add_h2o_here says:

    Dont forget you need to have a data plan (if its not included in your package yet) as you may be charged per Mb you use. I’m assuming you also have BIS (Blackberry Internet Server) included with you package? Otherwise you wont be able to run these apps even with the data plan.

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