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can i use my iphone apps without internet?

14 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by Yesenia E: can i use my iphone apps without internet?
if i get apps like twitter, facebook, myspace can i use them without having internet on my phone??

Best answer:

Answer by awaab
Yes you can-unless its like a map or something where you need to have a connection. Otherwise it should be fine 🙂

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One comment

  • IDTheftGuru says:

    Truthfully, it’s 100% app-dependent. Some do, some won’t work a lick without a wifi connection. Most will do quite a bit offline though.

    The apps you’re talking about specifically are dynamic social networking sites. You’ll need to be online if you want to get up-to-date messages and tweets, etc.

    Good luck

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