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Has the Internet helped you re: volunteering?

01 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by Jayne says READ MORE BOOKS: Has the Internet helped you re: volunteering?
How has email, the web in general, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, or any other Internet tool helped you connect with a volunteering opportunity (to find a volunteering gig, to learn more about volunteering somewhere, to express interest in volunteering, etc.) and/or how have any of these tools helped you *while* you were volunteering?

Best answer:

Answer by raycharlez7
No. But if you check out I’m sure you’ll find some awesome volunteer services, but then again one you might not be from New York so then again I’ll say this, READ BOOKS.


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One comment

  • Autumn says:

    The organization I help emails me all the time about things I need to be doing or what new stuff there is to do. I use VolunteerMatch some times to search for things to do as a volunteer, but most organizations don’t get back to me (but a few have, so I keep using it). One organization had be watch a video on YouTube before I could be a volunteer, but I wondered how they would know if I had really watched it. They all want me to friend them on Facebook, but I don’t — for me, Facebook is just for friends.

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