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How do cell phone apps work?

07 Dec Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by ??ig???? ?: How do cell phone apps work?
I’m getting the new LG enV Touch phone from Verizon. I watched the commercial for it, and it talked about apps, like twitter, games, and things like that. Are apps something you just download and pay for or do you have to pay for them monthly, like the internet? And if so, how much?

Best answer:

Answer by Wanna Know The Truth?
Apps are usually one time charge. Such as games, softwares.

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One comment

  • evilattorney says:

    It depends on the phone and on the app. On the iPhone, apps are usually a one-time charge. However, other companies have made apps subscriptions and charge a monthly fee. There’s virtually no info on the apps available for the enV Touch. You really should discuss this in detail with a Verizon salesperson if apps are important to you.

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