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Q&A: How to download and apply twitter background ?

20 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by Defne Celikoyar: How to download and apply twitter background ?
Ok guys so I found this website called and it has perfect backgrounds for my twitter profile. I clicked on one of them, inserted my twitter login information, and clicked “Make this my background”. But below them, a red sign appeared saying “ERROR: Basic authentication is not supported”. What does that mean ? And why can’t I download/apply the background ?

Best answer:

Answer by om
A few days ago Twitter changed the method they use for allowing third-party websites and custom-written Twitter applications to make changes to your Twitter account.

They used to allow those websites to use a technique called Basic Authentication, which required your Twitter account name and password. This technique is no longer accepted. The twitrbackgrounds site is still using the old technique, so that’s why its attempt to update your background failed.

The new technique for allowing others sites and apps to update your account is called OAuth. This technique doesn’t use your account password, so it’s more secure — it lets you selectively enable access to your account for each site and app, and you can also disable access for one site without affecting any others. If the twitrbackgrounds people want to be able to automatically update your account then they need to update their site to use this new technique. (Twitter’s plan to switch over from Basic to OAuth has been publicised since last year so it’s a little surprising that this site hasn’t already been converted to use OAuth.)

In the meantime, you can update your background by following the manual instructions on the twitrbackgrounds page for the image you want. Scroll down that page and you’ll find the instructions just above the comment input box. The instructions are pretty clear, except that in step 2 “Login” means “Log in to your account on Twitter” and in step 3 where it says:

  3. Click browse, select image, click save changes

it’s telling you to click the ‘browse’ button on the Twitter Settings page, which will pop up a file browser on your computer. In that file browser, find and select the image file that you downloaded in step 1 of the instructions, and after that image has been uploaded to Twitter click the ‘save changes’ button on the Twitter Settings page.

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