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Q&A: Is Twitter As Completely And Totally Annoying As It Seems Like It Would Be?

19 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 3 comments

Question by psychosolodiver: Is Twitter As Completely And Totally Annoying As It Seems Like It Would Be?
As I understand, Twitter is a short blogging tool that broadcasts to all of your subscribers. Why would I need to know where someone is or what they’re doing in real time? Why would someone want to share that info anyway?

Would I get a Twitter text page in the middle of the night telling me that my neighbor is sitting on the toilet?

I’m just curious why people like it.

Best answer:

Answer by heydabop
I personally find it completely pointless and wonder why people are so addicted to it. If you don’t know what someone’s doing then ask them. Or do you really need to anyway? You won’t get texts tho.

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  • JIM says:

    The name itself puts a lot of people off. Twittering is something birds do and so it is felt that Twitter is something for females

  • Bilal says:

    it is a very recent fashion of internet… thts y it is getting so much attention…….. i personally think there are 2 things that suck nowadays at internet………… the first one is ie8 and the other twitter……….. only the very young generation ages 14-18 are welcoming this junk………… in a matter of months it will be gone……………….phufffffffffffffff……….

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