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Q&A: so my ipod touch 3g is untethered jailbreakable?

09 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by Steven: so my ipod touch 3g is untethered jailbreakable?
by this tweet on his page, it says all under week 40 can be untethered. mine’s a week 31 so I can? with what tool if possible? By greenpois0n, it seems very far off, which is really upsetting. but help.
yes, I did that the day rc2 was released. I was wondering about Untethered.

Best answer:

Answer by ????s????g:)
yes you can at ihave a iPod touch 3g also .

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One comment

  • Bobby B says:

    no u cannot get untethered for your 3g touch atm.

    blackra1n is tethered with is a pain in the backside.

    and the people at greenpois0n are absolutely ridiculous and not releasing theyre product.

    i have a 3g touch to and th bottom line is that we have to sit tite and wait for either greenpois0n or another company to relase a product…

    hopefully soon!

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