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Q&A: what apps are a must have on the iphone 3g s?

02 Jan Posted by in Twitter | Comments

Question by Nobody puts baby in a coner: what apps are a must have on the iphone 3g s?
So i’m gonna get the iphone 3g S, in white, and i’m wondering what fun apps i should get like twitter or games etc? cuz i’m gonna be moving to kcmo with the family and its like an 8 hour long car ride unless you get lost…. and i’m gonna be bored like i was! when we went thursday, and got home around 7am cuz we got lost… does it have a gps??

Best answer:

Answer by Brit.
It doesn’t have a GPS but you can download or buy a GPS from the application store on it. If you have twitter, it is very useful. I recommend Tweetie or TwitterFon. TweetDeck is OK. It’s a little complicated to use. Tweetie and TwitterFon are almost the same.

Edit: You can get games too. I like to play TicTacFree & Wooden Labryrinth. If you want some laughs, buy the FML Pro application. There are countless things you can do with an iPhone. I like the backgounds application too.

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