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13 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 2 comments

Question by Demarco: Twitter????????????????
okay, i have an twitter account and i follow a few people. but i want celebritys to follow me and my friend was saying something about a follower request?? but im kind of new to twitter and i dont really know much. so is there anyway i can send something to a celebrity so they will follow me or how does that even go about? because i sent an Direct Messaqe to Nicki Minaj, but they said she couldnt recieve it because she doesnt follow me. SO WHAT DO I DO?

Best answer:

Answer by mehehehe
become famous
getting famous people to follow you if they havent the faintest clue who the f@ck you are will be very hard.

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  • Mike says:

    why the hell would any celebrities want to follow you?

  • ushadup says:

    Your best bet is to just stick in at twitter and build up a following. Do this by putting in the time to submit some good tweets and also try and get people to follow you. Often you will find that the amount of followers you have the more you are noticed and thus begins a snowball effect. Once you have a big following you could try messaging celebrity with a question by putting @(celebrities username) and then your question. They will be able to see this and may decide to follow you back.

    Hope that helps.

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