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13 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 3 comments

Question by Kisuke: Twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi all im new on twitter some 1 sent me a direct message and now i cant seem to reply i type in my text but it wont let me send help please

Best answer:

Answer by kdrama3
Try deleting your cookies, and trying again.

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  • Zeratul says:

    Try deleting your cookies, and trying again.

  • BodyByChocolates says:

    If you are following a person then they can DM you. However, if they are not following you DM’ing them back will not work.

    Further, since you are new let me cover something everyone needs to know.

    If you want to send a direct message then you need to begin it with a “D” like this (D @ImmaChocoholic)

    If you want to send a public reply then you use the @ symbol like this. (@ImmaChocoholic)

    Best way to resolve the issue you are having?

    Send an @ response to the person that sent you the DM with the request that they follow you so you can DM them. Then you should be able to DM them just fine.

    I hope that helps

    The Body By Chocolate Man

  • Cathy says:

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