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Twitter: Boosting your Twitter’s way to socialize

30 Sep Posted by in Twitter | Comments

At the present time, Twitter is one of the most powerful social tools on earth. In addition, it is not only a mini-blogging site that enables you to send short messages containing 144 characters, but is definitely, a remarkable way to cooperate with your friends, contacts, prospects and customers. As matter as fact, I personally believe that people not only are using Twitter to announce what they are currently doing, people are being more in touch in many different ways. Mobile communication and Internet access –from virtually any device— is producing a real revolution, and Twitter, is part of this. In this article, I would like to show you how you can boost your Twitter’s way to socialize through a wide range of applications that can enhance current Twitter’s capabilities.

Since Twitter is not prepared to show pictures –in the way Facebook does— TwitPic is an amazing why to send all kind of pictures you are currently taking while you are talking with your friends and even customers. This is a wonderful tool that boosts Twitter technological capabilities. Definitely, all the pictures you want to share you can do it through TwitPic. Another incredible visual way to know who’s is talking to you and specially, where is located this people is TwitterVision. This great application enable visually see displayed in your screen a fabulous world map with comments from all your Twitter’s followers around the world. When something leaves a message from Italy, you will see its picture and its message. This is a wonderful way to see from which country your followers are. I often use TwitterVision because is very funny and is pretty different.

On the other hand, for those Twitter’s users that are administrating one or more blogs, you can feed your blog with Twitter and even Facebook. This is a very useful way to keep your audience aware of what Twitter’s followers are people over there are commenting about your business as well as their particular interest.  Another good solution to socialize is twhirl. This is a desktop application that enable you use your Twitter account from your desktop computer, laptop or netbook. This is great because you can have a record of all your tweets and is an option that makes you interact with your followers from your computer.

For those people that are interested in make diverse searches for social research reasons or particular interest, you can use the following URL Here you can configure the preferences of your search so that you can make filters related to date, specific keyword, languages and more. This is an excellent alternative to make researches online and asses some important topics of Twitter discussion.

Definitely, Twitter is an amazing way communicates and there are several third party applications you can use in your mobile phone as well as your personal computer.


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