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What is a good way to get more twitter followers?

03 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by Brian Ash: What is a good way to get more twitter followers?
I am looking for a good way to get twitter followers. Not just a shady pyramid scheme or phishing site. But one that works. Please have at least tried it and have a twitter account you can link as proof. Tired of all the BSers out there.

Best answer:

Answer by a. p
You can try sites like in order to list your twitter name within various interest groups so people can find you.

Also, since people who follow you want to get something for their trouble, make sure your tweets are useful rather than narcissistic. Interact with your followers so you don’t come across as a twitterer-collector. Do something to help your followers- promote them on Follow Friday, for example, or even retweet useful things they post.

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One comment

  • TheFame says:

    ok the only way i started getting more followers was when i talked to people on twitter via @replies. this really works when u get famous people to reply to you ive gotten like 3 so far.

    link to my twitter account in my profile page

    i didnt want to have to follow people to get them to follow me back so most of the sites didnt work out for me. even though u get mass followers if u follow a bunch of people, but who wants to follow 1000 people

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