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Best iPhone Free Apps – for Twitter and others?

13 Oct Posted by in Twitter | Comments

Question by sooners83: Best iPhone Free Apps – for Twitter and others?
I just got an iPhone and I would like to know the best free apps I should install. Also, what is the best free twitter app? I would like one that would allow me to upload twitter pics easily.
This is for a 3Gs (the new iphone)

Best answer:

Answer by IDTheftGuru
Hi there. One site that I have stumbled across that has ~10 pages worth of Top Ten Lists for iPhone apps is There are even 2 lists on the site for Twitter Apps. One of the articles is for Best Twitter iPhone Apps and the other article is for Best Free Twitter iPhone Apps! I know that I found a bunch of new iPhone apps that I have loaded onto my phone thanks to this site.

Also, they say that they are going to be adding a bunch of new pages soon. I can’t wait, cuz the lists on the site are pretty comprehensive and they do a good job explaining why you should pick up the app and what it costs, etc. They are supposedly going to be having a ‘Topic of the Week’ contest starting soon too. That will be nice to see what others think about different iPhone Apps.

Hope this helps. I am sure you will get a lot out of this site. I will post the URL for the site and URL for the Free Twitter article on the site below.

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