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Does anyone know about a new twitter tool?

01 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by Jim Hanks: Does anyone know about a new twitter tool?
and I mean new, from this week or something, looking for something to use for my twitter and tweets

Best answer:

Answer by rick
yes, this is the latest, free webinar tomorrow!!!

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One comment

  • Sunrise says:
    TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter.
    You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API, or through the site itself.
    there are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic.
    The explosive growth of online social media has led to unprecedented opportunities for finding and connecting with people of experience and expertise in your areas of interest. However, sifting through the overwhelming volume of content and services in order to connect with people you want to find can be daunting and frustrating.
    Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out!
    The easiest and quickest way to share videos on Twitter from your phone or computer. Also, you can share videos in Realtime.
    The Twitter ecosystem is growing by the day. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the numbers suggest that a new Twitter based application was released each and every day in 2008!
    With such a large number of applications available, it is but natural to come up with a database (aka directory) of these applications.
    TwitBacks empowers you to provide some personal information, choose a font, upload a logo and a personal photo and choose a template which is then automatically created into a background you can use on your Twitter profile page.
    Auto Follow On Twitter
    TwitterBackgrounds is a resource of completely free Twitter backgrounds. With over a thousand backgrounds to choose from, you can easily upgrade your Twitter profile
    twi5 is a one stop place for all the coolest twitter apps. We aren’t just dumping grounds for twitter apps. Only the coolest and most useful twitter apps are profiled so that twitter users can easily find the best suited apps.
    Just Tweet It was created to make it easier for people using the popular micro-blogging service Twitter to find other “Tweeters” with similar interests.
    Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on It can also convert links to actual links so that you are sure what link will open.
    FeaturedUsers is a Twitter application ad network. If you’re a Twitter user, it’s a great way to get more Twitter followers and support your favorite Twitter apps. offers Twitter Users a way to brand their Twitter Profile without having any creative know how at all. All it takes is about 5-10 minutes and you can customize how your twitter followers see your profile!
    Setup auto replies and we’ll periodically send responses for you to fellow twitter users that match your criteria so you don’t have to.
    BubbleTweet let’s you add a video message to your Twitter page in seconds.
    Filter your twitter tweets by creating groups! Simple as that!
    Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow. Click the button below to get started.
    A directory of Twitter applications categorized for:
    * Web
    * Mobile
    * Desktop
    * Browser Plugins
    * Support Twitter application developers
    * Gain more followers
    * Promote your brand or services

    Twitter Follow Buttons
    Let people follow you. Easily generate code for your twitter “follow me” button. Enjoy your free hosted twitter buttons!
    By using TwitteRel on top of Twitter you can make your (virtual) life a lot more interesting, we thought of a way to connect to other twitter users (from all over the world) who share the same interests as you do.. how?

    Login with your credentials and start searching for these people, give us some key words based on your own interests, we will do the rest for you!

    Ps. don’t forget to give us (after login) your e-mail address, so we can update you along our progress for Twitter users who you might be interested in to connect to.

    How TwitteRel Works:

    * Insert a keyword (or more).
    * Find twitter users who tweeped this word.
    * Follow these twitters.
    * Make twitter more interesting for YOU.
    TweetTabs is a way of viewing the latest tweets of upcomming twitter trends or searches.
    Make your own Twitter logo with Twitlogo. Generate and design your own simple Twitter logo and save it to your computer. Perfect for Twitter apps, mashups, and more!
    The latest and greatest from Twitter on popular topics.
    Sometimes 140 characters is just not enough to say or show what you really want to say.
    If you want the best of both worlds then twitblogs is the perfect twitter companion for you.
    Tweeght is not only a tweet but also a thought. is a Twitter application to share your thoughtful tweets. You can also Vote Up, Retweet, and Reply thoughtful tweets posted by other Twitter users. In short, it is a Digg for thoughtful tweets that are shared on the Twitter.
    Hear it. Want it. Nabbit. Nabbit is a free service that links what you are listening to on the radio with your own personal web account by using your mobile phone.
    With TeFollow you can instantly find details for any twitter user instantly, and then because we want to offer more than our comptitors you can then use our unique graphics code which will display has many follows that user has plus:

    * A good looking page to share with users!
    * Get a button to add to your site that shows your Twitter followers
    * Also a button to show your latest tweet
    * Graph to show percent of follows vs following.
    * Graphic to show how many :)‘s you use againt :(’s
    * Collects all your links into one place.
    We all love famous people! Be it the hype that sorrounded Barrack Obama, or the ever so wonderful world of Britney Spears. Famous people sometimes have quite intresting things to say to the world, and sometimes they talk absolute rubbish! You can catch up with what famous people from around the world are saying by using FamousTweeters! FamousTweeters makes stalking via twitter easy.. oh and legal!
    TwitterContd is a simple and useful site that allows you to type more than 140 characters and display the entire status on your twitter page. No external links or anything. Also has a feature that allows you to create Shortcuts (for commonly used phrases) so you don’t need to type them again and again and also save time…You can also upload 100mb of audio, video, images and documents.
    TwitMapr is a new exciting Twitter app that allows you to add your twitter profile to our map, you can then find people in your area and contact them or follow them.
    Simply Signup and every next member who will join will follow you on Twitter! is Worlds 1st ever Twitter Chain Membership system, All you have to do is Sign-up at with your Twitter ID and you will automatically start following our current members then anyone who will join Discus After You will Follow you! There is no limitation that how much followings you will get. Just become a member and Get Thousands of Twitter Followers all FREE without lifting your finger.
    followformation is a tool for twitter users who want to follow the top people in the areas of their interest.
    TWEECHA is there to help you to gain thousands of genuine followers who will track your updates and interact with you in real time. The more the merrier! A reputed Twitter profile will help you to get new clients and serve your existing ones in a better way.
    Send longer tweets. Simply. No links required.
    Tweetiez Toolbar Is a Small Handy Browser Add-on Brings You The Most of The Social Micro-blogging Service Twitter , and all what you need to help you in tweeting easily as Tweet on the go With Twoxit , twitter resources , directories , and much more.
    Do you tweet? Sure you are. But, do you tweet on time? Write your sharings and send them to the future!
    So you can tweet just right on time. There is a saying anyhow, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!”

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