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Does someone in Los Angeles use Twitter to find food?

27 Dec Posted by in Twitter | 3 comments

Question by Edg1: Does someone in Los Angeles use Twitter to find food?
I’m hoping you can help me with a food request. Many years ago (@ 1972)I worked at CTS tool company in City of Commerce. There was a garbage truck that came in the morning that had a specific Chicharron burrito on it. This burrito was made with potato’s, yellow cheese of some kind, green HOT chile and, of course, the Chicharrones. If you have Twitter, can you put it out there and see if someone knows where these burritos came from originally? They came wrapped in paper and aluminum foil with a little paper stapled to the end that said what restaurant made them.

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Answer by Mr. Oneliner
I’m on the case.

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  • Levon the Man says:

    Man those must have been some good burritos! I know that feeling though. When I lived in Nor-Cali I used to buy these pickled hot peppers that were awesome. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere out here in the east. Sorry I don’t use twitter Bud. Good hunting though!

  • grazing fire says:

    no. but i do know that i’m headed down to the little store to get some terezo breakfast burritos now!

  • Wally Z says:

    You know you can ask the same question right here.

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