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How are web 2.0 sites like facebook made?

11 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 3 comments

Question by kmcg: How are web 2.0 sites like facebook made?
What dev tools do creators of sites like facebook, twitter and other social networking/web 2.0 sites use. Obviously it isn’t things like dreamweaver or coda. I have an idea for such a site and don’t know what the best tools for a site like this are.

I’ve tried Joomla!, Dreamweaver CS3, CODA (and tried installing Drupal but it wouldn’t work.

I prefer to use Mac but can use Windows also, any suggestions?

Thanks for your answer on AJAX, what IDE would you recommend for coding AJAX sites.

Best answer:

Answer by Chuck
Those websites that use web 2.0 use alot of AJAX programming.. made based on java.. look for more information here:

The method of building it, regardless of DW, M$ WD or the such is not as important as the programming language which you will need to learn. There are Drupal/Xoops, etc AJAX module to start you off. but will be very specific.. coding will need to be done by you with a database sitting with it.. good luck!

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  • colanth says:

    Most people who develop web sites professionally use a text editor, maybe with syntax highlighting, maybe not. (I use Edit Plus, but Notepad Plus, which is free, is just about as good, and you can even use Notepad.)

    The site is made by first developing it (the same as any program is “made”). What’s going to be done, which part is going to be done using which language or technique, what it’s going to look like. Once it’s all done (and that can take man years of effort), someone(s) creates the graphics and someone(s) else (usually) creates the code in the text editor. (Programs and web pages are “developed in the same way – on legal pads, white boards or BOE – backs of envelopes.) Creating graphics and creating code use opposite halves of the brain, so someone who’s good at one isn’t usually good at the other.

    AJAX, being text just like the rest of the site, is best coded using a text editor (the same one you use to code the rest of the site).

  • Cazpa says:

    For web 2 websites AJAX, PHP, ASP, Javascript are all the tools you need.

    Facebook is done with php and uses a lot of javascript for the users side of things, then again Myspace is the total opposite.

    As stated before, once you have the language then Notepad++ is all you will need and maybe a little dreamweaver if you want.

  • David G says:

    Go to: , pick their windows plan to get started.

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