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how can i make twitter work on my blackberry?

10 Dec Posted by in Twitter | 2 comments

Question by THE_BIG_JOSHBOWSKI: how can i make twitter work on my blackberry?
I have a blackberry pearl. I want to follow a few people on twitter and have the tweets sent to my blackberry. I did the verify thing, and have “my phone is active” or whatever it is clicked in my profile, but nothing ever comes through. Am I missing something obvious here?

Best answer:

Answer by Rileigh M
You need to click on Profile
Then Devices, and make sure it says Device updates ON.
Then go to profile and click on following.
There will be two columns, settings and actions.
Click on the settings under whatever friend you want tweets from.
It should show a green mobile phone and say “Updates are sent by sms to your mobile phone”
Then you should start getting them, just make sure the green setting is on for your friends whom you want to receive tweets from.

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