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How can i see other peoples twitter statuses and replies on my phone?

07 Nov Posted by in Twitter | 2 comments

Question by enterthedraygon: How can i see other peoples twitter statuses and replies on my phone?
I only know how to put my own statuses on to twitter from my phone. How do i get updates and replies texted to my phone. Cuz I don’t receive anything. I have to go online to read stuff.

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Answer by Admin
I am not sure whether we have any tools currently to check this. But may be good idea to create one.

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  • ishquez says:

    Well it depends if you have a smartphone. if you have a smartphone you can check your updates at via the phone browser.

    if you have an old-school phone you can manually get your phone to receive text messages on the people your following everytime they update their status. if you are following a lot of individuals, this may get a little overwhelming (and maybe expensive).

    but to manually set who’s updates you want to receive, go to your twitter settings page and activate your phone under devices. after that you can manually choose whos updates you want to receive as a text message.

  • maggytyger says:

    I have an iPhone and use the app tweetie in their i can see everyone’s updates

    I hope this helps!

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