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How do I get youtube/twitter themes to remain the same in different resolutions?

17 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by StevenJ: How do I get youtube/twitter themes to remain the same in different resolutions?
Hi, I’m trying to create a youtube or twitter theme using photoshop, but I don’t understand how you get it to remain sized the same for every different sized monitor/resolution. For instance if I make the theme in 1680×1050 res, but someone using a 17″ monitor sees it, it’s different. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Ari
Technically you have asked a best question that is why I am answering.

Twitter size is different and little bit tricky to adjust the size while youtube is easy. First twitter size check my twitter if you have account.

Image size I designed
1264×912 around 28 KB.

Now about youtube design,
You should have an image in proper size. There are two ways to use background first to design yourself like mine check below
size is 1800×3500

second you should make an image in the following size,

Actually these above sizes depend what kind of theme you are going to use. But I suggest 1400×1200 and 1200×2000 will be fine. Just one point to note. As these sizes are larger and youtube background allow only 256 KB.
As you have showed your concern about different size of monitor technically that is right. I got wide monitor and use it therefore I do not know how my youtube design will be displayed. If you are right in that case on normal screen there should be left and right space. I did not get any complain from anyone regarding design. I have helped people and they are using same sizes as I have mentioned above.

I think what I have answered will help you.

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One comment

  • Arun Agrawal - Ebizindia says:

    Twitter background remains the same for different resolution screens. So you cannot show them different pictures. There fore you have to make sure that your background designs looks fine on their screen. Here are some tips:

    1. Keep your important information like logo, what you do and how to contact you etc in the left side in a narrow bar (to be visible in the smallest size screen also).

    2. Whatever design you include should fade to a solid color in the right side and the bottom. Use this solid color as your background color. This way, if someones uses very high resolution and his/her monitor has empty space in the right or bottom after your picture, it will merge and still look good.

    3. Based on different size resolutions, the information in the middle portion would get fully or partially overshadowed by the Twitter content section. You should include some generic patterns here so that it does not look bad when shown and there is no harm if it gets gets obscured.


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