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How long before Twitter is just another idiotic meaningless fad that fades away to nothingness?

08 Dec Posted by in Twitter | 2 comments

Question by rpyszk: How long before Twitter is just another idiotic meaningless fad that fades away to nothingness?
It is so mind boggling ridiculous, who the hell cares if I’m picking my nose this very minute or sitting on a coach reading. Just like the Atkins diet and any other thing that gets people rushing out to be a part of , twitter too will fade away to nothingness. I am so glad I’m not like the rest of society idiotic sense of nothingness.

Best answer:

Answer by Guyzers
It already is meaningless nothingness, it’ll be about three months until people get bored and move on to the next thing.

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  • BodyByChocolates says:

    It could be 3 minutes.
    It could be 3 months.
    It could be 3 years.

    No matter how long it is, as long as I keep getting highly targeted solid leads for my healthy chocolate business I’ll be an extremely active part of Twitter. Sure, in time its interest may indeed fade away into nothingness, but in the mean time I’ll make hay while the sun shines.

    You are correct that fads do come and go with time. The question is does Twitter fall into the category of fad or trend? Trends stick around a lot longer than fads do. Consider FaceBook & MySpace for example, these different services have been huge players in social network but now are watching volumes decrease.

    Where have all the FaceBook users gone? Oh yeah, that’s right. Twitter.

    However, if you think twitter is just about what color your latest snot collection is then you have missed the very esscence of what Twitter is all about. Yes, their are those posts on Twitter. Their stupid, and I don’t follow them. Then their are those people who really have something to say, which I follow regularly.

    Recently, Twitter was going to do maintenance during the night and because of world events and the political power of Twitter they were contacted with a request to reschedule the time for the updates which Twitter did.

    If Twitter were just a fad, do you think they would wield such great power in the world about today? Even if your answer to that question is yes, the fact remains that Twitter is the place to be today. That’s why I’m more than pleased to reside in the top 1% of over 3 million accounts. The benefits it is adding to my business are far to numerous to count.

    The Body By Chocolate Man

  • Sustagurl2 says:

    It is on its way out, as we speak.

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