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Is anybody else down for a ban on twitter in the professional sports?

03 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 6 comments

Question by Nighthawk: Is anybody else down for a ban on twitter in the professional sports?
I keep seeing news about bad things happening to athletes because of their “tweets” on twitter. I believe that the risks of twitter far any possible benefits. I think the use of twitter should be banned from professional sports in the United States. Thoughts?

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Answer by Mel
I’ll second that motion after I’m done w/ this poo.

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  • terry v says:

    at least during games what possible benifits can there be

  • Cowboys #24 says:

    Yes, good idea.

  • One Brave Mouse says:

    If I were a coach I would, and I think the decision should stay at that level. If your mind is more on twittering than the game I’ll give you all the time you want to twitter on someone elses team or in free agency. If I send you in and you can’t tell me what down it is without looking at the marker or the scoreboard what reason should I send you in

  • Barack Jung IL says:


    Give a mouse a cookie and they’ll want a glass of milk.

  • Ryan - The Aussie Packer Fan says:

    I agree. The fact that social networking sites seem to be spilling into professional sports now is pathetic. The fact that players seem to want to use them while playing, is even more pathetic. I think players should only be allowed to use Twitter if it is for a good cause such as charity, or in the offseason. Shaq is one example of a guy that has used Twitter appropriately as he isn’t in the middle of a basketball game with a blackberry in his hand. NFL players seem to think that they can do what they want. The commissioner needs to step in, it’s that simple.

  • Kelly says:

    How about a ban on Twitter for everyone. It’s the most ridiculous website I’ve ever heard of.

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