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Is twitter the most pointless website ever created?

30 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 8 comments

Question by Skip is always right: Is twitter the most pointless website ever created?
Its just the facebook wall with a character limit. Every tool in Hollywood is on it and people follow them like dweebs. I can’t wait for the day twitter finally fails just like myspace. Facebook seems to be the only social networking site thats relevant.

Best answer:

Answer by Bearbones rises again QMM
This one is pretty pointless as well. But fun as hell.

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  • Morey000 says:

    apparently not

  • EddieJ says:

    It would make sense if people only used it for posting a current status, not chatting.

  • smartalec02 says:

    Makes me want to twit about its pointlessness. That is, if I was ever sucked into making one of my own, which I haven’t.

  • DOOMED! We're all doomed! says:

    that honor goes to tip: visit it on Christmas.

  • End Libtardation says:

    Yes, it’s basically the “I have no life so I spend all day doing this” site. Sometimes I’m amazed that anyone likes it, but then I remember how stupid the average person is.

  • use your brain says:

    yes , twitter only suitable for wellknowen people.
    but fb become left due to ununresponsivend nanarcissist

  • gregory says:

    The answer to your question is best reported by people that use twitter everyday. You can find this real-time answer on TipTop, the Insight Engine

  • lazerus says:

    Twitter is absolutely not worthless. To tell you the truth I used to hate Twitter too, and I was an early adopter who went on a few minutes and left my account alone. Then after a while I began to use it. I have met a lot of good friends over Twitter. It’s a good source of information for getting updates from the people you care about. Celebrities isn’t the only reason MOST of us use Twitter, and you can find celebs on Facebook or MySpace too if you look. Even our president (Barack Obama) uses Twitter. Twitter is on it’s way to becoming “the lifeblood of the Internet”. Everything that ever happens, Earthquakes, holidays, events, are always found on Twitter. The worth of Twitter is even recognized by the U.S. Government, who has decided to archive every tweet ever in the Library of Congress. There will be those who will Tweeting even in the middle of the apocalypse should it happen, that’s just the way the website is. The only way Twitter can die now is if Twitter themselves does something terribly radically changing that makes it’s members leave *knocks on wood*.

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