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Q&A: What are Twitter plugins?

01 Nov Posted by in Twitter | Comments

Question by Samana Cay: What are Twitter plugins?
I’m not an avid user, but I see a lot of things that confuse me.
I understand that when it says “about 2 hours ago from mobile web” it means 2 hours ago using their phone. But what are API, CoTweet, Perl Net::Twitter, Twitter Tools, Posterous,, twitterfeed, TweetDeck, Tweetie, Twitterrific, and the like?
I tried looking it up, but the only term I could find is plugin and that doesn’t explain why they exist…
Can someone explain it to me?

Best answer:

Answer by fjpoblam
Lots of them are software that folks use to monitor their Twitter transactions, instead of keeping a tab open on the browser. It’s like, a separate little window sitting out there on yer desktop, leaving yer browser available for other stuff.

Tweetdeck is one of the most powerful, it has a three-column view. Tweetie has become very popular of late. You need to go to each one’s website to see what it has to offer over and above, just going back and forth to a tab on yer browser.

I tried Nambu for awhile. It falled and fell by the wayside. pthpthpth. No pain. I got tired of it, anyway. I’m back to just using, the plain ol’ tab on my browser (“web”). I’d say (maybe I’m wrong) you have to be a real Twitter junkie to need one of those extra tools. But that’s me. So there.

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