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Q&A: What do you think about Myspace,Facebook, and Twitter?

02 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 2 comments

Question by Bradley: What do you think about Myspace,Facebook, and Twitter?
Myspace: I only have one to stay in contact with friends who have moved away, it gets really boring after a while.

facebook: It is complicated and the apps don’t work half the time. Also, profiles can’t be deleted just deactivated.

Twitter: It is extremely pointless. All you do is update your status.

Best answer:

Answer by ??? (Fai-chan)
Gaia pawns them all. 8D

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  • Erika says:

    Myspace: I like it I think it’s okay
    Facebook: Don’t have one
    Twitter:I find Twitter really stupid I usally just go on it when I’m bored

  • Eric says:

    i used to have accounts on all of them, until i found out about interact place which is basically all of them combined. but to asnswer your ? myspace is cool
    facebook had one but deleted
    twitter foloowing people you dont know..yeah ok lol

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