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Q&A: What do you think about twitter?

04 Dec Posted by in Twitter | 4 comments

Question by What do you think about twitter?
I think it’s a big sh_t tool for ebook seller!

Best answer:

Answer by Dharma Nature
It is no coincidence it starts with ‘twit’.

Even the trashiest and most worthless of TV programmes won’t be so absurd as to imply that “I’m going to take a shower” is interesting.

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  • lynn33 says:

    i think it sucks**

  • Melinda E says:

    did you hear that they are going to combine Twitter and Facebook. Will be called Twitface!

  • Kerry says:

    i was a member, but closed my account.

    i kept getting mail off people i dont know, asking if they can be my fan. got fed up of it.

  • baby dee. says:

    its the stupidest thing ever. why would i want to know every second of someone’s life? “getting coffee”. lol why would i care?? thats all it is, too. and when it says followers, it really means stalkers. Facebook is better, you can actually do other things on it

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