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Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter: Get ready…get set up…and start Tweeting in no time. (Volume 1)

17 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 5 comments

Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter: Get ready…get set up…and start Tweeting in no time. (Volume 1)

From sign in to sign out Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter tells you how to get ready, get set up and get started on Twitter in no time. Find out: * what Twitter’s all about * what Twitter can do for you * how to sign up and sign in * how to make your Twitter site look appealing to others * the ins and outs of following and followers * how to Tweet * how to put it all together Ready…Set…Tweet is the bare bones, how-to book on the popular social media site Twitter. It co

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  • Norman Goldman says:

    Review by Norman Goldman for Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter: Get ready…get set up…and start Tweeting in no time. (Volume 1)
    Author: Lou Belcher

    ISBN: 978-1450598255

    About four years ago the micro -social media site, Twitter was launched. At the time, I didn’t have a clue what Twitter was all about or how popular it would become where, by the end of 2008, there would be 100 million tweets per quarter posted. It was also unfortunate that I did not have a copy of Lou Belcher’s Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to twitter. Perhaps, I would not have wasted 2 more years, before I decided to take the plunge and experiment with it.

    Belcher is a freelance writer, editor and photographer. As the back cover of her book states: “She juggles four twitter sites, four blogs, a website, and she consults on Twitter-related topics.” In other words, she really is into this social site.

    With Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to twitter, Belcher shares the mechanics of Twitter with a step-by-step guide that covers what the site can do for you, how it works, and instructions as to how to navigate Twitter. As she mentions in her introduction, there is no need for long winded explanations, “you just need to know what to do.” Sometimes a book’s value is in its ability to keep matters simple and Belcher does in fact keep it short and sweet providing her readers with practical advice from someone who knows what she is talking about.

    This 110 page manual focuses on seven relevant areas: how Twitter works, its design and set up, page-by-page instructions of its features, how to tweet, followers and following, putting it all together and terminology. Each section is broken down into subsections that are clearly defined in bold letters. For example, if you look at the chapter What Twitter Can Do For You, we notice the following headings and ensuing information: Common Uses for Twitter, Marketing, Specific Research, General Research, News organizations, Family, friends, and clubs, Attention, Announcements, Collaboration, Other uses for Twitter. Did you realize that by reading the Tweets and by communicating with others on Twitter, you will be able to keep up to date on what is happening with your competitors? How about using your blog in conjunction with Twitter. Suppose you have a new product or service to present and you write a blog about it. You can then go to Twitter and Tweet about your new post and your product or service. Moreover, you can even offer specials or discounts concerning the product or service.

    This is only a taste of some of Belcher’s suggestions, and for someone who is not familiar with the full potential of this micro-social media site, you will be surprised with the number of other “goodies” offered in the book. Books of this genre walk a fine line: they must be entertaining and attractive while remaining accessible. This one definitely fills the bill on all accounts. And if your enterprise is in need of a new way to do business Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to twitter will show you the way in providing valuable information and tweets that will lead to a successful Twitter page.

    Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor Bookpleasures

  • Patricia Bemis says:

    Review by Patricia Bemis for Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter: Get ready…get set up…and start Tweeting in no time. (Volume 1)
    I’m wasn’t sure I wanted to Twitter. What was the point? Lou Belcher’s book Ready…Set…Tweet sold me on Twitter and got me up and running quickly and easily. Now you can find me on Twitter at […]. Come tweet with me.

  • Jill Florio says:

    Review by Jill Florio for Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter: Get ready…get set up…and start Tweeting in no time. (Volume 1)
    It’s important to know that author Lou Belcher herself is a relatively recent Twitter newbie and go from there. If your level of Twitter know-how consists of, “I’ve heard of Twitter but i don’t get it,” then this is exactly the book for you. Since Ready…Set…Tweet! never presumes to tackle any more than getting the Twitter neophyte loaded and and started, then it does what it sets out to do reasonably well.

    Each chapter is brief and quick – the soul of Twitter. Belcher starts out by explaining what twitter is, who uses it, and the joys of being succinct within your 140 character limitations. In chapter two there are some very briefly mentioned categories of user groups one might find in the Twitterverse – for families, clubs, business marketers, new organizations, general and specific researchers, those engaging in collaborative efforts, and as a medium for announcements.

    One you’ve caught that, you are swiftly introduced to blogs and websites (no, they are NOT the same thing) and then rushed along through the single page of chapter 4 that asks what your Twitter name might be and what you will be Tweeting about. Don’t get too introspective, since chapter 5 is hard on the heels of chapter 4, and it’s in and after chapter 5 that you actually get Tweeting. The instructions are simple to follow and most pages contain large screenshots that the twitter newbie will recognize as they sign up to Twitter, book in hand.

    Each quick chapter teaches one basic skill – like getting your profile up, along with your avatar, your background colors, your bio, your first few tweets. Then Belcher shows how to find someone to follow. Once there, you’re officially a newbie Twitterer, ready to delight the world with your pity quotations, TV fangirl commentary, brilliant photography, or wry views on the human race.

    Before dropping you off to fend for yourself on the Timeline, Belcher offers a few last tips that are slightly beyond basic. She recommends using Hootsweet to schedule your tweets, asks the newbie to mix it up within the Twitterverse (to make a friend, you must first be a friend, not a self absorbed, obvious marketer), to retweet freely, and how to use such tools and memes as Search, Hashtags and Follow Fridays. A brief glossary, resource list and index round things out.

    I read this book in 30 minutes on a plane ride from Chicago to San Diego. There was zero new content here for a seasoned social media maven. This isn’t the book for them. This is a book the Twitter elite might give their spouse, or sibling, or whatever colleague has been hiding under a rock lately. It does the job of hand holding and does it fast. I doubt anyone would find Twitter frustrating to use with this slim book by their side.

    Best for: Seasoned Tweeters to give as a gift to Twitter Novices to learn from, or for people who’ve been curious about joining the Twitter Timeline, who might have been a bit intimidated to ask someone what exactly they should do. Open the first page of Ready…Set…Tweet! with your computer at the ready. In less than an hour you’ll be tweeting with the billions of users already in the know.

    A great introduction for those in a hurry, or who just want to know brass tacks Twitter basics.

  • Rebecca Johnson says:

    Review by Rebecca Johnson for Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter: Get ready…get set up…and start Tweeting in no time. (Volume 1)
    “By following the Tweets of your competition, you will learn what they are doing.” ~ pg. 19

    Lou Belcher’s “Ready…Set…Tweet” is a complete guide to using Twitter. Do the words: protected Tweets, geotagging, hexadecimals, direct messages, Retweets, hashtags, avatar and Tweeter’s Block sound familiar to you? If not you have chosen the right book.

    “Ready…Set…Tweet” is especially well organized. You learn everything in a logical order. Everything from setting up your first Twitter site to sending out your first Tweet. Some of the topics include:

    Twitter: The overall concept

    How Twitter fits into this communication chain

    Determining the topic for your Twitter site

    Signing up for Twitter

    The features of your Twitter page

    Putting pictures on your page

    Twitter background themes

    Change design colors

    Writing a Tweet

    Ways to find followers

    Finding people to follow

    Tips on Privacy

    Throughout this book there are pictures clearly illustrating how to navigate on Twitter. This book also shows you how to tweet a picture. You have to go to a different site. The author also advises you to set up a separate email for your Twitter account because you can expect an email each time someone decides to follow you. If you are really popular that could be a real headache in your regular email.

    For the most part this book is totally uncomplicated and has easy-to-follow advice. Lou Belcher has designed this book to get you up and going fast.

    This book will be especially helpful to those who want to use Twitter as a marketing tool. It is also great for families who want to keep in touch, clubs that want to keep their members updated or for groups of friends. Really the possibilities are pretty endless.

    You can literally read this book in about an hour and then set up your Twitter site in a matter of minutes. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is knew to Twitter or anyone who wants to learn a little more about the entire site. Most of the information is great for individuals who just want to share their life with the world. However there are some specific tips that businesses will want to take to heart. This will be especially good for anyone who wants to use Twitter as a marketing tool. As a bonus, this book is a really fun read.

    ~The Rebecca Review

  • C. Michaud says:

    Review by C. Michaud for Ready…Set…Tweet! A Speedy Guide to Twitter: Get ready…get set up…and start Tweeting in no time. (Volume 1)
    I’ve been “tweeting” for a while with ho-hum results; turns out I was not optimizing the tool nor my time. The book is uncomplicated, helpful and a

    must-have for anyone considering Twitter as a marketing tool. Thanks Lou! Order today!

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