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Twitter question: How do I determine the real celebrity to follow and not one of hte many imposters?

30 Sep Posted by in Twitter | 4 comments

Question by Marcello: Twitter question: How do I determine the real celebrity to follow and not one of hte many imposters?
When I search out someone that is famous that I am interested in following, there are usually multiple accounts trying to be that person. Is there a way on Twitter to figure out who the real person is?

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Answer by Cody
usually the one with the most followers

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  • Dragonsinger says:

    You can do celeb research i.e. you can look up celeb articles where the celebs themselves say what their account is like taylor swift has done so (she’s something like ‘taylorswift14) and if you’re looking for a twi-casts address there’s a list of them on

    Hope I helped.

  • torylocker says:

    Just ask them.

  • Joss says:

    This is a bit tricky. I just got a twitter account and the political pundit I follow actually had someone create an account in his name (spelled the last name wrong, haha) and make post (they’re deleted now). The pundit wasn’t even on twitter at the time, but he had an imposter. Well, he finally got a twitter account, and the real account of this person has the word “verified” on it, meaning it’s verified to be the real person. So, check to see if the celebs you want to follow have the word “verifed” on their account. This is only given to people who tend to have imposters, and not regular people like you and me.

    Check a few twitter pages of some very public figures, like maybe kim kardashian or whoever and see if they have that “Verified” on their account.

    Oh, okay, I’ll give you the example of the political pundit I”m talking about, lol. At the top of the real account you’ll see a check mark and “verified account”, meaning it’s the real person; the imposter account doesn’t have this.

    Imposter acc.:

    Real Person:


  • Sarah says:

    Many of the celebrities or popular public figures on Twitter have had their account “verified.”
    Go to their profile. Look on the righthand side, right above their name, location, etc. If you see a blue badge with a check in it and the words “verified account” next to it, you know they’re the real deal.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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