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What do u think about activists who want open borders so badly they are doing the following 5 Actions?

10 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 3 comments

Question by Maricopa County: What do u think about activists who want open borders so badly they are doing the following 5 Actions?
1. Sign the email petition to your Congressional representatives, the Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security asking them not to cooperate with SB 1070, support any filed injunctions to the law, and, furthermore, start taking leadership in pushing for real comprehensive immigration reform.2. Hold local solidarity actions and add them to this growing list. Take down details of contacts. Connect with local grassroots organizations and student groups that are leading the effort. Be prepared to talk to the media about why you oppose SB 1070 and how this law is not just about Arizona but about what kind of country we want to live in as Americans.

3. Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. Rep Grijalva has called for an economic boycott of Arizona, which means not traveling to Arizona and avoiding the expenditure of any dollars in Arizona. The American Immigration Lawyers’ Association is already boycotting by canceling its annual conference in Scottsdale. Some truckers are boycotting. Others are asking the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) to divest from Arizona. More economic sanctions are likely to be announced in the coming week with a list of products and companies to boycott.

4. Civil disobedience. Take a hint from the Capitol Nine who chained themselves to Capitol building doors. Leave your licenses at home. Walk out of schools and walk into local Congressional offices of politicians who have not cosponsored the DREAM Act and refuse to stand up for immigration reform. Conducts sit-ins, hunger strikes and flash mobs. Offer to get yourself detained wearing t-shirts and carrying signs that say, “Do I look like an ‘illegal immigrant’ to you?” or “Being Brown is Not a Crime.”

5. Use Online Tools to Organize. Use hashtag #LegalizeAZ on Twitter to connect with more people taking action against SB 1070. Change your Facebook profile picture to the badge above (or something similar) to show solidarity. Also join the Facebook group 1 million strong against SB 1070 and don’t forget to follow growing immigrant youth taking actions on Twitter and Facebook.

The possibilities are endless. Consider this an open thread and invitation to share your ideas and actions. This is just the beginning
Note : Photo Credit: No Borders and Binaries

Best answer:

Answer by Lib Nemesis
The short answer? They are fringe lunatics

I could care less if someone is brown, as long as they are here legally

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  • bobby says:

    there will be no amnesty or dream act . 15% of our population is hispanic i do not think they have the power to persuade the vast majority of there demands. maybe in local towns were they are the majority they can get some bones but country wide never happen

  • Joel W says:

    I think it is stupid and ugly. But I also think that Rep Grijalva has gotten a lot of votes from illegal aliens, and he has also shot himself in the foot with his gun. I think Obama has hurt himself, and I think lot of State Reps in WDC do not like what they are seeing at all.

    I go into the search engine, ask for immigration and go after every major story that I can, that allows you to post. In the last year, those posts have gone from condemning me, or ‘haters’, to agreeing with me. The cost, the crime, the illegality of the whole ugly mess is making a lot of people angry. And so, even though those illegal aliens are expanding their hate messages, I think they are losing ground. The Arizona Law is a ground breaker, and CNN is suggesting other states may well copy that law.

    I don’t like it.. I think it is helping us.

  • Bill says:

    seems Arizona is one of the few states with enough ****’s to do anything about this immigration problem and I pray the rest of the states follow suit. if it gets Obama PO’d then it probably is the right thing to do. anyone who wants open borders should move to the border and get an education.

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