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Why Twitter is very important for my business

30 Sep Posted by in Twitter | Comments

At the present time, social media is playing a robust role in the promotion of all kind and size of businesses. In Europe and United States, more countries are joining to the social media sphere around the cyberspace gaining an important ground in this arena. Nevertheless, some entrepreneurs and even large business are not being aware of this important phenomenon and they are not considering how powerful could be Twitter for their business. In my experience, I have been how small business have started with just 2 or 3 employees and having a very modest revenue and how they have explode in just few months thanks to social media. In this article, I want to demonstrate how powerful could be Twitter for your business and why you need use it wisely. The use of Twitter for business purposes is not the unique thing you have to do. Work strategically is what I want to show you today. Let’s see some important tips about getting the most out of Twitter for the benefit of your business.

-More contact with your customers and prospects:

Definitely, having the right marketing plan in your hands you are going to succeed in the social media arena. Twitter is capable to bring you all the benefits your need and the best features to empower your business and keep your customers satisfied. It is not the same when you have to make a call phone during the day, than you can send a Tweet to your customer in Boston at 9:00 p.m. and invite him to chat about something related to its order. Twitter makes you have a closer contact with your customers and prospects even when your office is closed.

-Bettter way to solve problems:

As matter as fact, Twitter is very efficient helping your business to solve any kind of difficulty. Even though it could be a negative aspect –which your followers can say something that everybody knows in just seconds— but it gives you the opportunity to react and provide solution to something that could affect your business reputation.

-An amazing way to promote your products and services:

Undeniably, businesses are looking for effective ways to communicate with their audience. Why? The main purpose of that is increasing their sales and through marketing and promoting, Twitter is very efficient. Even though all the Tweets you can’t read during the day, there is an important effect with the minimum amount of services and products you see through Twitter and you should see this as an advantage.

-Someone is remembering you everywhere and every time:

This is a consequence or result of all the work you are doing to make your business is more visible. Someone with have you in mind to consume those things you are offering to them.

-Keep in touch with clients:

Your customers are the most important thing in you have in your business and is demonstrated they will love have some kind of contact with you when they have questions or need something.


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