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99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

02 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 6 comments

99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

Produced by entrepreneurial blog Geekpreneur, creators of the popular Geek’s Guide to Twitter, the book covers methods as varied as TwitPitching, app-building, trend-spotting and affiliate selling, and is filled with practical ideas for everyone.

Illustrated with case-studies and proven examples, 99 Ways to Make Money with Twitter reveals how individuals and businesses are using microblogging to build brands, land sales and win new customers. Each chapter explains where to start and h

Rating: (out of 9 reviews)

List Price: $ 34.95

Price: $ 27.63

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  • thehappyreader says:

    Review by thehappyreader for 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter
    I have a few other Twitter books, and once I really started to use Twitter, I put the the other books aside, since they were more like beginner user manuals. But this book is different. In this book — lots of ideas and SUCCESSFUL examples of Twitter users using Twitter to make money or promote their business. I loved the chapters on Twitter coupons and joint ventures.

  • Michael Conway says:

    Review by Michael Conway for 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter
    While I am a regular user of Twitter, I’ve always felt that somehow I wasn’t utilizing the site to its fullest potential. Twitter is fun and all, but there’s so much more to it than the usual “Going out to lunch now.”

    Geekpreneur’s “99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter” is a fun book to read and get ideas from, and it’s more than just the typical “ideas book” flooding the market everywhere. Besides explaining what the idea is, each method the book gives has a section on how to do it, what to do to get started, and some tips to get you closer to success. At the end of each entry is a model to follow, which links to a Twitter account so you can see exactly what an actual person is doing. You don’t see that in every idea book.

    I’m already starting to implement the strategies in this book, and I think it’ll really make a difference in my wallet as well as my Twitter account itself.

  • mary frantz says:

    Review by mary frantz for 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter
    This is a great book for those who are just starting out in the Twitter world, and are looking to use Twitter as a marketing tool. I swear, every time I thought there couldn’t be anymore suggestions, I’d turn the page and there was another….. then I remembered that the title is “99 Ways To Make Money on Twitter”. So there are 99 suggestions, from how to get traffic going to your blog using Twitter, to becoming a ghost twitterer.

    I’ve already implemented a few of the suggestions on my Twitter account, like using the directories to get the word out about your Twitter, and “following” people that are like minded.

  • Lonna H. says:

    Review by Lonna H. for 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter
    The book “99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter” is an amazing book that delivers. Often readers pick up a book that promises to help them with their business, only to find that they have paid for something unacceptable. This is not one of those books.

    This book has a chapter for everyone. If you are looking to promote your business, connect with people of like minds, or perhaps begin a new business this book has it. The editors of Geekprener have put together a well organized, well written and easy to use guide. If you plan to utilize Twitter, this is definitely a must for your library.

  • G. Reba says:

    Review by G. Reba for 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter
    “99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter” delivers on a simply stated title. The information provided here not only works as a handy guide to deciphering this newly minted blog site, but also a well rounded addition to your marketing strategy library.

    If you are a current business owner looking to promote your product or service to a newer, ever changing audience, they have a chapter for you. If you want to start a business and need some pointers, look this way for several well placed ones. Not interested in “business” at all? There are still many sections of this book that will come in handy. Maybe you just want to connect with others that share your interests, or perhaps you are looking for financial aid assistance, maybe you are simply trying to figure out the “beast” that is Twitter…Geekpreneur helps to shed a light on these as well as other topics in a straight forward manner. They format each chapter in the classic “who-what-why-how” method for easy translation by professionals (and non) at any level.

    Say hello to the world of tomorrow today and get a potentially profitable handle on this emerging site’s marketing power!

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