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are there any apps for the LG EnV touch?

10 Jan Posted by in Twitter | 2 comments

Question by .:volcom:.: are there any apps for the LG EnV touch?
so i get a new phone in september, and i want the enV touch.
are there any apps such as myspace,twitter,games,etc.?
also, to anyone who has it, is it a good phone?

Best answer:

Answer by stevencx3
On this phone there is a favorite shortcut there is shortcuts then my media if you click on my media there will be youtube photobucket myspace twitter facebook and im not sure if theres more but i think it takes you to the web browser which you have to pay for if you go on it without the web browser on your plan it will charge you per megabyte and there is a games part but you also need to have the web browser to search for games and it costs to buy games and there is 3 games already on it need for speed underground resident evil and tetris it is a wonderful phone i will tell you why i highly recommend this phone any way

Env Touch- it has a full touch screen the screen that is there when you flip it open it is the exact same size (3.00 or big) the Env has a wonderful internet browser very fast and you can use tabs it has a very good camera for a phone it has video capture too the mega pixels are 3.2 with flash you can also buy a mini sd card to put music and photos on (the mini sd goes up to 16 GB) the 3.5 mm head jack means you can use any head phones you’d like. it has a speaker phone it also has games when you get it and you can also buy more also you can buy music on the go instead of plugging it up to the computer (referring to iphone) it has all the things the voyager had except two things 1 mobile tv and 2 it’s not as bulky. it pretty much has all the dare’s features like the shortcut menu and when you go to that you can drag icons to the main menu that’s awesome texting is WAY!!! easier then it was because of it’s full keyboard and whenever you get a message it’s threaded looking the inside buttons are easy and the pop up so you can still not make a mistake calling is easy with favorites all you have to do is pick a couple friends to put in your favorite menu and when you click on there picture you drag it to call or to text and it does that it is WAY awesome check it out on youtube search Env touch click on the video that has Env touch Voyager 2 review and make sure the user is phonedog it’s very informational i am totally recommending this futuristic phone to you anyway and i hope i could help

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  • J 210 says:

    This is easily the best phone on verizon right now! just got mine there is a my favorites menu which includes browser shortcuts to twitter myspace facebook photobucket etc (u can even add ur own) full html browser 8 out of 10 just cant stream vid or download anything but i think thats more verizon than anything i get v cast for $15 a month now which gives u unlimited internet and vcast videos, games arent that great if ur a big game and app person id probably go iphone i like verizons network and most of the phone i talk to r on it so it just makes since because i primarily use the device as a phone, i think verizon will release more apps and games 4 this phone (it comes with a tetris and pretty cool need 4 speed demo) this is supposed to be their iphone killer and that is the only department i can c where they r lacking hope this helps…

  • Cathy C says:

    i got this phone a few days ago, and i had to charge it twice in one day becuz of how cool it is(and not just that it also has a short battery life). it does hav apps(for games)! but i’m not sure about the myspace and twitter thing(that i don’t have mobile web on mine). i’d give it a 4.78/5!

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