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Q&A: How do I post Pictures to Twitter from Cell Phone without Ineternet?

04 Nov Posted by in Twitter | 5 comments

Question by CPT: How do I post Pictures to Twitter from Cell Phone without Ineternet?
I want to send a picture to twitter using Twitpic(Or any other site like that) but I beleive that you have to have internet to do so. I was wondering if there is a way to do it without internet.

Best answer:

Answer by physicsdude2014
You would have to hook up your phone to your computer, and use your computer’s internet to upload the pictures. The internet is definitely required for all things twitter.

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  • EaglePuncher says:

    Nope. Unless there’s a service where you MMS a picture and they upload it for you there isn’t. I’m not aware of any.

  • Kenneth says:

    You can send it as a text using Flickr. It will post on Flickr and Twitter at the same time. If you don’t have the capability to send to an email you will not be able to do this. First create a flickr account and then search for Flickr to twitter. You will have to register your phone number and all that jazz and then they will set you up with your own personal email for the application(you will need to approve it on twitter as well, your computer will set you up). Then you just send the picture to the email address through your phone and the subject line will be both the tweet and the flickr title. Of course you need the internet to set this up in the first place.

  • Carl_the_Truth says:

    You can download the photos to your picture folder on your computer, and then send them from there.

  • Wim says:

    Depends on your phone. If you have an iphone you can easily do this, by installing certain apps, like Twitterfon, tweetdeck.

    Other phones aren’t possible without the proper application/software.

  • Jojo says:

    Don’t think its possible. If you want to use twitpic you must have some sort of connection.

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