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Twitter Marketing For Dummies

28 Sep Posted by in Twitter | 6 comments

Twitter Marketing For Dummies

  • ISBN13: 9780470561720
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

An introductory guide to effectively using Twitter to grow your business! The field of social media marketing is exciting, cutting-edge, and…open to almost anything! Twitter’s style of quick remarks lends itself to a carefree, conversational tone, ripe for passing along a plug, sharing a suggestion, or referencing a recommendation. This fun and friendly book is an excellent first step for gaining insight on how to effectively use one of the most popular social media tools to expand the succ

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Price: $ 9.52

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  • Douglas Karr says:

    Review by Douglas Karr for Twitter Marketing For Dummies
    This book and Twitterville, by Shel Israel, are the only two books you need to buy if you wish to understand what Twitter is, why you should use it and how to get it done. Kyle Lacy has done an amazing job detailing the information needed for every business – both large and small – to deploy their marketing efforts by this new medium. Twitter sounds like a toy, but it’s an amazingly simple and powerful tool that businesses can use to listen and speak to their customers and prospects.

    Businesses who are leveraging Twitter are seeing incredible results – in reduced customer service expenses, reduced marketing expenditures, and increases in brand awareness. Buy this book now and get started!

  • Karen Seketa says:

    Review by Karen Seketa for Twitter Marketing For Dummies
    In Kyle Lacy’s easy going laid back style, he takes you on a journey through what can be harrowing halls of Twitter for the novice and instantly makes it basic, easy and understandable for those of us who are social media toddlers. The information in his book is not just for the newbies out there, however. His tips and tricks have value for those who are among the Twitter accomplished who might have missed out on some the important basics or efficiencies of the system. Kyle does a great job of pointing out some of the basic etiquette without getting preachy on you. It reads more like a casual conversation over a cup of coffee rather than an informational text.

  • Beautiful1 says:

    Review by Beautiful1 for Twitter Marketing For Dummies
    On page 103 of Twitter Marketing For Dummies I read what I wish everyone would remember about all social media, “Twitter is about engagement.” On page 102 I read perhaps the most important piece of marketing advice in the book, at least for me, “You want to get as many committed, rabid, evangelistic customers as you can.”

    Not only is this book a great resource for effectively marketing on Twitter, but a really great marketing refresher in general. Kyle reinforces the idea that social media is simply another venue and needs to fit into your primary business marketing plan.

    Twitter Marketing for Dummies has something for everyone. For the complete Twitter novice there are step by step instructions on getting started. Kyle explains quite a bit of Twitter etiquette and even some “inside” jokes.

    For the more advanced Twitter marketer he has already invested the time and energy to examine several tools to use with Twitter to make your time online more effective. There are many, many “do’s and don’ts” that I have already used to make really good choices about how to use social media in my business and personal life.

    Bottom line for me: Twitter is fun. Business is fun. This book will help you put them together appropriately so Twitter marketing can be fun and effective.

  • Aaron Craig says:

    Review by Aaron Craig for Twitter Marketing For Dummies
    Like most of the “Dummy” books out there, this book isn’t just for dummies! Overall, this book is very good. I am pretty proficient in Twitter and other social media platforms, so the basic information provided on Twitter is not anything new for me. If you are like me and already know Twitter, just skim through the first two chapters.

    After Chapter 2 is where the real meat is. The author, Kyle Lacey does a great job in writing about using Twitter in conjunction with traditional print media. He says not to buy into one way is better than another and to use both forms of media in attracting your customer. He goes on to discuss how to attract sales leads, using Twitter as a strategy in your marketing plan and measuring the success of that marketing plan.

    I would recommend this book even if you use Twitter on a daily basis. Kyle does a great job of explaining how to incorporate Twitter into your marketing strategy, which is what I found most useful about this book.

    If you have never used Twitter and are considering it, BUY THIS BOOK NOW!

  • VictoriaHansen says:

    Review by VictoriaHansen for Twitter Marketing For Dummies
    I own the Kindle version of the book, and purchased it along with 6 other Social Media for Dummies books. I usually read 5-6 books at a time, flipping form one to other to maintain my interest. But once I started reading Kyle’s book, I couldn’t put it down.

    I only really have time to read on Saturday and Sunday mornings because I work 7 days a week on my business, but every Friday for the past 3 weeks I have longed for Saturday to roll around so I can read. I have never added so many highlights and bookmarks in any book I have read.

    I only read business and text books, I’m not a novel reader. This book has completely changed the way I view Twitter and after the first read, in one weekend I increased my followers by 150%.

    In my opinion, this is the only Twitter marketing book you need. Go Kyle, you rock.

    I’ve contacted Kyle and am about to do a podcast with him for my website […]If you want to find out more about the man behind the material and the book, come and listen. It will be up by the end of April 2010.

    Victoria Hansen

  • I need to know exactly what Fabian thinks about that??


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