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Twitter Marketing Software – What is the Best Tool to Use?

22 Oct Posted by in Twitter | 1 comment

Question by Sydnie: Twitter Marketing Software – What is the Best Tool to Use?
What is the best Twitter Marketing software to use so I can find and follow people who are interested in the same things I have an interest in?

Best answer:

Answer by Dayne
i’m using tweettank
its a great video that will guide u on how to do it automatically

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One comment

  • FerreeMoney says:

    LabTweets is a Swiss Army Knife for Twitter Marketing. It’s a desktop application (buy it once, use it forever) and with LabTweets, you can not only find people to follow but you can automatically follow a Twitter user’s Followers, so you can build a targeted network very quickly. It also has many features that other tools offer individually.

    LabTweets features let’s you:

    Follows People
    Unfollow People
    Auto Tweet
    Send Direct Messages
    Send Auto Reply
    Twitter Automation
    Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts
    Load Multiple Twitter Accounts using a simple text file

    so you can see, LabTweets has a very robust feature function set, which is why they call it the Swiss Army Knife for Desktop Twitter marketing.

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