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What’s your opinion about Twitter?

26 Dec Posted by in Twitter | 23 comments
twitter tools
by Torley

Question by LinakeTay: What’s your opinion about Twitter?
I’m just curious what you guys think!

Do you like it? Is it a useful tool to communicate with others and keep in touch with the world? Is it a useless, waste of time because you don’t care what others eat for breakfast? Do you have one? If you like it, why? If not, why not?

I’m just wondering so thanks for your input! Any answer is cool.

Best answer:

Answer by unguardian217
just tried it today, and it doesn’t seem that fun

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  • Emerald Emergency says:

    Never gone on it. :]

  • Karina Z says:

    i think it’s dumb

  • raging_stalin says:

    Sucks, very dull. Pointless.

  • Tomorrow Comes Today says:

    I really don’t care to see a play by play of people’s days. But sometimes it’s kind of interesting to look at celebrity pages. I don’t actually have an account, though.

  • M.Cucc says:

    I find its the most pointless thing ever. Who needs constant updates about what everyone’s doing? But then again, it’s just my opinion..

  • dessy says:

    I don’t really like it. It’s a waste of time to me.
    I mean, c’mon, does everybody really care what you really do every minute of the day?

  • ... says:

    I don’t go on very often…But i do think it’s cool to keep up with celebrities/public figures whom I really like/respect.

  • ?With Hearts as One? says:

    it’s only fun for celebrities… because everyone follows them… why would you want to know what britney spears is doing?

  • Di?g? says:

    I think it’s kinda stupid

  • Dan the Pittsburgh sports guy II says:

    It is stupid and pointless.

  • Brandon says:

    Overrated. Just yet ANOTHER social networking site full of phonies and people thinking they’re important

  • indreamereyes says:

    I made one then I’d realized almost no one I know has one and no one really care what you say unless your a celebrity. Its a waste of time to made one and its boring too. If you don’t have one already make a facebook so much better..

  • IRonButterfree? says:

    I’m not one for reading and writing incessant ramblings that are trying to glorify the underlying mediocrity of life.

  • ?Crown fit me good? says:

    useless..who wants to keep in touch with the world O_o…there are many other MORE important things you know (:

  • Soul Without A Mate says:

    Hey there,

    I think that it is a site for the self-involved. No one really cares that someone is eating a ham sandwich or any of that other crap. Only people who have no life and think that people care join that site and use it all of the time.

    Best Wishes,

  • Forever Love ? says:

    i think its good for the celebrity world.

  • R.I.P. #17 says:

    Y!A kills it.

  • Friday says:

    I think a Twitter is useful for some things like businesses. For example, I read in the newspaper about this one restaurant-on-wheels who would use Twitter to update people about a location.
    Overall, I think a Twitter can be useful, but we don’t need to know every aspect of people’s lives. “I had cereal for breakfast,” that sort of thing.

  • Anonymous (Girl Version) says:

    Waste of my time..

  • Somebody's Fat Grandma says:

    I’ve got too much to say to fit it into a little bitty tweet.

  • kath says:

    I have one
    Has very little potential to do great
    I found it boring, with little to do
    Finding friends was nearly impossible because I had no idea who uses it and who doesn’t
    Granted I still use mine, to rant, so I guess it’e good for that

  • Jacinda says:

    i use to hate it and everytime i go on it my hate gets lesser and lesser…certain stuff on there now is kinda ok and its almost tolerable. I think if i go on there one more time, I’ll be officially a twitterbug. I prefer facebook though b/c at least ur actually conversing w/ someone u know pretty well. Twittering on the otherhand can get kind of confusing and ur often following behind lame ass ppl so its still kind of corny but again its getting better.

  • lolop says:

    I LOVE twitter 😀
    Many people find it use less but its actually fun. Me personally, I like it because I get bible verses, church information, fashion information, discounts on some stores, and info on my favorite celebrity’s.
    Also, after the earth quake in Chili many people got to communicate with there friends and loved ones via twitter. Do to the reason because twitter lets you tweet with your phone. So you don’t necessarily need internet all the time. It pretty interesting and fun 🙂

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